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The prince of Gothic Vamp welcomes you.
Observe the rules of Elysium, and enjoy.

Rules and traditions will be posted shortly
If I would cut myself and could bleed for you
would you look at me not like a stranger,
not like a part of the anxious crowd,
screaming for your attention
I see your missing love
As they try to gain your favor

And in that deep purple sky
one firey orange cloud drifted
such beauty which all too soon
would vanish like the the day
and be but a memory

He wished he could stop it
he wanted to hold on to that sight forever
so perfect in composition
like a jewel
soon to be lost to darkness

And now it is gone
like all the beauty in his life
cold and dark is it now
so alone he feels
not even the stars comfort him. ........

You are the Lost Soul to enter

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